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ASEA - Redox Signaling Molecules

- If interested in this product, Please view the 7 minute Testimonial video at: (password: redox).

- After viewing: email me at if you have any questions.

I'll help you understand the supplement, how to save money, How to use this by understanding the healing process.

* Subtle function is cellular health, the foundation to optimal health. *


Healing Starts Within


Although it is best to learn from a skilled practitioner, those with good hands may be able to pick up skill in this modality with this manual.  It's easy to read and designed by Athena.  It also comes with a link to specialized tutorials only available through this offer.

Manual cost: $119.00

With free shipping for the Continental US.



Don't have the time or money to get a one on one session with Athena, or a Cranio/Sacral therapist near you?

The sacral wedgie is here.

This specialize wedgy will help in keeping the sacrum mobile by holding the SI joint to decompress.  It helps the dural tube to unwind and can affect the spheno-basilar junction aka the bodies fulcrum.  Just relax and let gravity do the work.  There is a wedge for men and women so please specify. 

To purchase please go here

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