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Details of the Journey


While moving into structural development of alignment, one can begin to consider the functional, the organ system, a place to begin.  Everything starts from a very subtle place.  So, I will share the steps that I have found to be a sensible and reasonable way to heal, not just physically, also emotionally (psychologically), mentally, and energetically/vibrationally. 
Structurally the landing page explains clearly the importance of structure alignment. It offers a sense of the work needing to be done and the important first steps where to begin.  So, by focusing on assisting the organ functions to repair and replace damaged tissue and nourishing should begin to give scope to this effort.  The next step is removing the volcanic toxicities that are loaded into the body.  Also give pause to the molecules and DNA that is also being shifted toward better function and balance. 
Consider first that what is consumed.  This is what will compose the next generations of cellular structure to repair and replace damaged tissue.  By consuming nutrients and micro-nutrients, the repair and replacement will have a strong bit of ‘material’ to work with for strong repair. 
Please also note; I am not working toward selling anything, I am sharing products that have taken me out of a very serious condition that lasted 11 months.  I tried everything from soaking in various solutions, taking various vitamins, minerals, nutrients, homeopathic formulas, every salve, cream, gel and spray, to no avail.  I did, at times notice some changes with herbal formulations that helped my guts to function, it was not sustainable for healing all the damage and whatever was going on.  Was it infected, poisoned, an allergic reaction? The emergency room did tests.  Blood, blood pressure, resting heart rate, temperature, was all normal so they were perplexed.  Diagnostics showed there were no clots or lymph-edema even though it was serious edema (swelling).  The pain with this was excruciating and constant, less so when the leg was elevated.  Four times things got so out of control with an extremely itchy rash from my neck down that I had to go in for steroids two more times, the last series being very strong and for two weeks!  Then of course I had to deal with that process once the steroid is no longer being taken.  I lost weight down to my anorexic size aka skin and bones and ate like a hog.  The one thing that turned the tide is the Redux Signaling Molecules.  In fact, eleven months of that was about all I could tolerate, and what is worse, had the molecules not of been there I’m sure amputation would have been the only option. 
I will share what many people fail in effectively restoring broken systems.  The conditioning is such that there is an expectation to get results quickly.  As a result, many people begin something and give up for lack of seeing results or feeling results.  Both are there.  It takes someone very tuned into the body to realize the beginning stages of the healing process, the ups and downs of it, and the dedication and loyalty to it is paramount and challenging.  The other situation people often fall into is hearing that they need an entire cupboard of nutrients without focusing on a structure of what is being down.  So there are no results save a bit of feeling better.  This to me is no different than someone on a cupboard full of western medications, as it is a ‘take this and that and that’ without any road map or direction for allowing the body to do what it must, with our discerning assistance.  It’s becoming more intuitive to the body, the vehicle we enjoy while on this plane of existence. 
Next finding good help for the organ system is what I see as more important than vitamins and minerals, at least for a while.  The internal needs should be simple with high quality products. Herbs that are properly processed have many medicinal properties. They also carry vitamins and minerals. 
It’s difficult to find this information as much of it has been removed from books, and there is a lot of censorship going on in various nefarious ways.  For instance; One selling herbs on their site, cannot describe the indications or what formulations address what condition of dis-ease.  In fact, if a symptom is called a ‘disease’ by the medical establishment it is illegal for alternative directions to ‘treat’ that disease.  Once a disease, it belongs to the medical-pharmaceutical complex.   
Same goes with the sale of herbs in stores.  The information about the herbs in book or pamphlet form are censored from being near the herb sales.  So, few understand what the herb or herbal compound is for or what it can do to assist in healing.  People don’t understand how powerful these plants can be (when grown, harvested, and processed properly).  This is simply a massive fascistic protocol to silence all alternative voices and choices.  So, I plan to figure out a way to give basic information on the body’s systems and what herbs become that ‘specialty’ food, the medicine from the earth, to help restore and tone the organ system. 
More articles will be featured as I continue to build the site. 
Food and food additives, which will be going into a dark place, so if you have chosen to take the healing path, for healing sake, these things are important to understand.
The construct of the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, medical and educational systems is, in all honesty, a must in understanding in order to grow stronger without ‘feelings’ of being ‘bad’ for stepping outside of the ‘herd’ and learning ‘what is so’. 
That’s the way things change on many levels.

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