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Healing is simple; however, it is not easy.  It takes dedication, loyalty to self, and a commitment to growth.  The journey is lesson filled. I invite all who wish to take this journey to contemplate the material, find what 'fits', explore what works for you, and grow into the true essence of your human potential and what you can become. 

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Function follows Structure.  That is my mantra for crossing the bridge toward healing.  I will be going into detail about why I see this as important.  I hope many of you also discover the true holistic and reasonable way to begin the journey of healing. 


There has been a big agenda that has taken humanity to a place of physical, emotional, and mental imbalance.  The state that humanity finds itself in are challenging situations due to toxicities and deficiencies that manufacturing companies of food, lotions, cleaning products, yard products, packaging, etc., have not considered as being harmful or damaging on humans, or they don't care because profit matters more than quality and safety.  This has been going on for such a long time the damage done to us all is almost irreparable.
Many people are unaware of the dangers of what we consume.  Most are trusting and unaware that many companies cannot be trusted.  Massive networks of corporate controlled companies have so much influence on producing products overlooking the dangerous additives leading to a huge key to our ill-health.  We’re told the FDA is to monitor products and food in the marketplace for our safety.  What the FDA functions as is a Watch Dog for anything that is going to expose practices that cause harm.  In other words, anything that will move the market toward an alternative direction is brushed under the rug and spoken of as 'foolish', 'snake oil' or anything that would drive people away from investigating the alternative ways.  As a result of the negligence of these companies, and protections under the ‘authority’ of the FDA, many people are now challenged with health issues needing constant attention.  And that leads to another nest of snakes. 
We have been conditioned that we can only go to a community of people who are legally sanctioned to be the overseers of our health.  This is known as the AMA and the western medical community.  This organization has been severely compromised.  It's a Rothschild controlled organization who oversees the training of medical people.  There is little to no training in simple nutrients, rather training in looking for symptoms, matching it to a label then selling drugs at a hefty cost.  This method pretty much guarantees there is little if any hope of getting away from these toxic medications.  These medications often work to inflame the condition. Then other systems or organs are affected.  These medications, (in most cases), are known to encourage more damage to the body and create the conditions being treated. I say this not to give you a sense of defeat, rather to urge you to put away the old ‘ways’ of approaching discomfort and to bring to you a deeper understanding.  (Western medicine has its place; however, it is not in the treatment of dis-ease.)
Deeper understanding about healing and the body is very important.  Not only learning about the dark side of medicine and health, a deeper understanding of the construct of the system that has created much chaos throughout the ages is also something needing to be understood.  If you are being drawn in some way to the journey of healing, realize the importance that healing is a journey and not an overnight fix.  Nor is it easy because it requires shifting the way things are done and changes in the lifestyle to some degree. 
Yes, healing is a journey.  It has hills and valleys, days of seeing progress and days when it seems like nothing is happening.  The body wants to heal.  The body wants to be whole (holy).  The mind will often create discouragement.  Give it time.  The dis-ease pattern did not happen overnight and there is no one who can fix it quickly.  To heal it takes dedication, loyalty to the cause, and time. Just enjoy the journey.  Grow, learn, and come back to what the body is intended to be.  A functioning vehicle. 
The following is an outline of what I see as a bodyworker for over 30 years of practice.  These are steps of foundational work.  This is the foundation to step into many directions of help. A foundation is important for all other treatments to be more effective and efficient.  Otherwise it is just a lot of band aid and take this pill solutions.  Health is for life.  It is not a switch on and off.  It is staying focused and giving grace to slip or slide as long the path is resumed quickly.  Most of all it is work, and the attitude we have about it will determine if it will be easy or difficult, enjoyable or drudgery. 

Arriving at the bridge gives us pause whether to cross it or to turn back.  Going over the bridge sets us in a different direction that is unknown to what we have been taught, or may I say more accurately, what we have been indoctrinated into.  Choosing to cross this bridge will require a lot of self-examination.  It will demand emotional and intellectual honesty.  It requires a deep look within.  It’s looking at emotions.  Emotions can either allow us to grow or they will cripple us.  If emotions become the reality, be aware this is only a personal awareness, and not to be thrown onto others.  Truth won’t be able to be realized when the bigger picture is unable to be seen. 


To find the path to keep moving forward, to keep growing, honesty about our beliefs, our judgements, our biases, and our 'personal' truths, must be considered in humility.  Without that the ego will hold the energy.  Once the ability to consider and face many different viewpoints, to check things with study and research, to listen to those who have done research without prejudgment or bias, to be able to listen without making meaning out of anything, then logic and reason can come to the forefront.  Emotions are seen for what they are which can be a way to halt conversation or problem solving.  Real communication and working together can be accomplished.  The focus becomes making things work and eliminating things that don’t work rather than allowing egos of self-truth and 'my way' to end forward progress.  This allows flexibility and honestly evaluating valuable points of view others may bring to the table.  It creates authenticity in how we relate to others.  Everything needs to be considered, everything needs to be understood, and when that stance can be made, a holistic journey and experience can begin.  We’ll all be in a better place once people tend to their back yard rather than worrying about other back yards
The Journey to cross the bridge will give opportunity to see the illusion, starting with the inner world, the world of the subtle and sacred.  Growth into wise knowledge teaches us how to think for ourselves and see the world differently.  We have the information.  Or, one can remain where they are, and everything will remain the same.  The beauty of it all is it is a choice. 


It has been my experience that if the subtle alignment is not in the best position possible, the remainder of the alignment cannot be properly aligned.  It’s like stacking blocks on top of each other.  If there is one block that is just a little out of alignment, eventually another block will need to counterbalance the imbalance and out of proper alignment positioning for the sake of continuing stacking the blocks upward.  The issue is with misalignment, even the most subtle of areas is affected to a degree.  Strong structures are possible only when the alignment is at its best placement possible.  That in turn keeps the joints aligned so there is minimal wear and tear on the alignment of the joint capsule.  Many issues with joints are due to years of misalignment wearing out part of the joint where the greatest stress is placed.  So, think of the subtle structure as something very important for alignment before engaging in more external work.  What one finds is movement and balance becoming more efficient.  Remember, function follows structure.

Structure Alignment:

Bones, Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles

Now we move into the overall structure of the body. Seeing this little chipmunk, we can see the sturdy legs positioned as firm foundational pillars of the structure.  The ‘pillars’ or bones of structure with this chipmunk are designed for a bowing of the spine as his environment is one needing this design.  The chipmunk’s structural alignment is designed for this ‘role’ in life.  The upper body curves forward with a tail that balances the forward lean.  His spine is a strong bowed ‘pole’ that holds the soft structures on the anterior side containing the organs and allowing his arms to have a good range of motion for his needs.  His neck and head are well positioned without strain and with range of movement necessary.  Overall, this little guy is in an alignment.  The joints will not wear out or pull on muscles in ways to strain attaching structures.  Posture, alignment of the body is as important as the studs in a wall or the beams on a bridge.  Without alignment, the function will fail to a degree.


Movement with Alignment and Grace


The goal ultimately is to be able to move with stability, grace, strength, softness, ease and control.  This is possible when alignment is balanced, and movement becomes effortless.  There is a connection with movement and the nervous system.  When we move slowly and in new patterns the brain will work to create new neural pathways. 

Structure is a good first step to explore the path on the other side of the bridge.  There are dark nights of the soul, there is emotional pain, there is frustration. Those experiences are all part of the journey… it’s all part of growth.  Movement is important as it helps in keeping brain pathways active, the joints range of motion unrestricted, the organs motility strong, and endorphins giving us a feeling of euphoria.  

With the foundation of structure considered, the function of the system will begin to also benefit with this new alignment.  With function following structure, the movement in a well-balanced structure is sure to also alter the perceptions and emotional blocks.  We are intimately connected which is why taking this journey is one where many lessons and understandings can be revealed if one so desires.  

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

The alignment begins deep in our core.  The very membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord is the most inner structure that needs alignment attention before anything else more external can rest in a properly aligned position.  It sedates the nervous system and when the nervous system is calm all else can rest.  Only vital functions stay attentive.  This work is very sacred, it takes us to the deepest relaxation possible.  It's where we experience warmth, trust, and sense our deepest rhythms.  We sense the presence of oneness, of connection to our source, and peace.  We learn often the ‘waters’ outside of our sacred selves are rough and stormy.  Going to the subtle, we find peace deeply within ourselves.  As the waters may rage, we begin to understand what it is that is taking us away from our serene place.  Awareness of this creates a way for managing and remaining in a state of calm and trust.  Even during stormy times, calm is possible.  Cranio-Sacral therapy is one of the most important pieces in getting onto the bridge of transformation.

Now we move into the overall structure of the body. Seeing this little chipmunk, we can see the sturdy legs positioned as firm foundational pillars of the structure.  The ‘pillars’ or bones of structure with this chipmunk are designed for a bowing of the spine as his environment is one needing this design.  The chipmunk’s structural alignment is designed for this ‘role’ in life.  The upper body curves forward with a tail that balances the forward lean.  His spine is a strong bowed ‘pole’ that holds the soft structures on the anterior side containing the organs and allowing his arms to have a good range of motion for his needs.  His neck and head are well positioned without strain and with range of movement necessary.  Overall, this little guy is in an alignment.  The joints will not wear out or pull on muscles in ways to strain attaching structures.  Posture, alignment of the body is as important as the studs in a wall or the beams on a bridge.  Without alignment, the function will fail to a degree.


Allow The Body to Cleanse

Subtle Anatomy – Subtle Function

Now that an understanding of the structure and the importance for keeping the structure in alignment and keeping the fluid of the system clear of toxins, it should be easier to understand that without this attention the deterioration of the body, the vehicle will breakdown frequently and earlier. 

Let’s consider, where would the beginning point be on the quest to assist the function of the body?  The start point for structure is found in the subtle anatomy, it would seem reasonable to consider function’s start point be the cells, molecules, and even the DNA. 

 When the body is toxic and deficient there is damage that can be done to the DNA.  There are many other things in the environment, some unseen floating particles, others unseen and are in the form of wavelengths.  These unseen toxins along with food additives can be damaging on the DNA.  The notion is that DNA cannot be repaired.  This is not necessarily so.  The body can heal.  There has been a great deception about the miracles of the body.  And so ….  The journey continues ……


Sedate the Nervous System - Reboot


The body has an electrical system, a chemical system and a mechanical system.  The electrical system is like a central control station.  The nervous system is often heightened by responses to stressful situations.  This activates a hormone response of adrenaline (and other hormones).  The stress can come from any number of things; a change in a situation, a death of someone close, deadlines at work, traffic.  This too tends to become chronic, affecting the entire system, both structure and function.  As strange as this may seem, it is cranio/sacral therapy that not only is the first steppingstone to restoration of the subtle alignment of the structure, it also works on deep relaxation and 'sedation' of the nervous system.  

Those who allow the brain to relax and the focus to be on sensation throughout the body will experience a deep state of relaxation that affects the entire body and systems of that body, even though the work of function is still operating.  The subtle anatomy requires alignment of the core bones and membranes.  This structure is intimate with the nervous system.  When the nervous system calms, the body calms, and the body can heal. 
Under stress, the physiology of our body changes.  The stress hormones increase, and our body is on alert to fight or flight.  Due to so much stress in our world, the body has little opportunity to heal.  The fight or flight hormones, being on continually, prevents quality relaxation and rest. 

The Organ Systems – Restore Function

mirror anatomical.jpg

The organs are all placed carefully inside the body cavity.  There needs to be good alignment to keep the motility and function optimal.  Organs work together signaling various chemical or hormonal responses to do their job.  Organs also have their own rhythm called motility.  Motility is hindered when structure is distorted.  There is much toxicity in the internal organs, much of the toxicity is cellular.  Organs need nutrients. 

Now take note of both the anterior and posterior positioning of the organs.  Think how having poor bowel movement creating compaction of waste material, expands the intestine.  It becomes uncomfortable, yet it goes unnoticed.  The body adjusts and works to normalize despite the signals that something needs attention.  What structures near the large intestine are affected by the impacted, inflamed and toxic dysfunction?  Can one understand how this creates a systemic situation of greater toxicity and lack of ability to absorb necessary nutrients? 
Also, take into considerations the nervous system.  With the network throughout the body, the nerves track through the spinal column wrapped in the dural sleeves.  Gut impairment adds pressure and stimulus on the nerves that need to supply organ function.  The body is in breakdown mode at a subtle level, yet the level of unawareness continues as old habits and cravings continue.  Adding to this toxic mix is often over the counter medications (drugs) that further mask and corrupt the root reason for the dis-comfort.

Emotional Ups and Downs  

Another Lesson in Wholeness

Emotional issues are a very big part of physical illness.  There are many reasons that can alter our emotions which happens in both big and small ways.  There’s external trauma that shocks the system and is often difficult to process.  Trauma to the body usually is followed by an emotion that will prevent moving forward in life.  It's as if that emotion stalks the psyche and often creates a lack of creativity and focus.  That trauma usually interrupts the homeostasis.  Other things also occur that causes a breakdown of balance which comes from medications, food additives, stress that seems not to be able to be relaxed, all these things alter the internal chemistry and alters the digestive system, the heart rate, and the thinking process.  Internal and physical stresses will affect the emotional responses and mental clarity. 


What I've seen from the many people I've had opportunity to help is the stress seems to be the byproduct of emotional imbalances.  When emotion becomes the reality, stress triggers hormones that take the system out of balance.  Rational and logical thinking becomes impossible as the 'feelings' become the personal reality that cannot see outside of that paradigm.  When emotions are the 'guiding' force, stress will be translated in the body and triggered by anything that does not fit in the narrative of the personal feelings.  It is important to identify the emotion or emotions that are the root of the chaos and chatter that goes on in the mind preventing one from finding peace, joy, and appreciation.  Emotional conflict is within us and if not checked or admitted to the emotion will prevent the ability to hold the heart frequency.  When the reality of emotions is the dominant view of the world, there is no rational thought, emotions are amplified, behavior becomes sporadic, and forces that are lacking integrity can easily manipulate and control the person.  Fear is an emotion often used to control, as is anger.  When there are a number of people with emotional imbalances, we see herd mindedness, violence, name calling and other irrational behavior all because the emotions are not being distinguished as just that, nor is rationality considered, and society becomes unable to come together and work things out.  It's a very chaotic and tortured way to live.  
Emotions can become so heavy it becomes more difficult to function.  Enjoyment in life disappears, our minds become filled with negative perspectives, defeat, lack of creativity.  We stop enjoying life, we lose our desire to do much other than fall into a pattern that lowers our vibration and lowers our physical functions to where the sense of lifelessness and giving up life is all we think of.  Alcohol, drugs (both prescription and illegal), comfort food, or starving are the routes that are often taken once the depressive emotions take hold. Make no mistake about it, at this stage, there are multiple emotions that are working against thoughtful living.  Hatred, criticality, and ignorance becomes the hall mark of those who choose to remain in that state of being. 
There are also very dangerous energies that can occur once we go into these deep states of emotional chaos.  It is at an energetic level and not well understood.  When the body’s vibration becomes too low, the mind and body become targets for inhabiting vibrations (entities) to influence further erratic behavior that is sometimes violent.

The emotional releasing can be a fairly easy process when one chooses to become whole, stand in the power of who we are with our talents, creativity and service to humanity.  Somato Emotional Release is very frightening to many.  It is not easy to admit our deepest hidden denials.  It is part of the journey back to life and light. 

Connecting Structure, Function, Emotion, and Energetic

Manifestations Toward Balance


Our body is a vehicle, a finely tuned and well-balanced water/air machine.  The tendency is to think we are separate parts rather than a tightly woven integration of systems, vibrations, rhythms and chemistry.  Often, structure is considered unrelated to the function, function unrelated to the emotions and emotions unrelated to the energetic part of our total essence.  The way I interpret this is the life force is intertwined with the structure.  Oddly it seems this life force flows along the central nervous system that is 'netted' to the physical.  The spinal cord is also where the governing meridian in acupuncture runs.  The energy that flows up this column will affect the chakras as well as the organs of the endocrine system, being the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals and the ovaries or testis.  

This is another reason why it is important to have cranio/sacral therapy.  The physical and energetic corrections with this work will have an impact on the entire system.  One is the alignment at the most core level.  As the alignment is corrected, the energy can flow through the energetic chakra structures.  Here the structure and energetic dance together.  Emotions and function are also affected with the shift in vibration/energetic change that is accomplished as the subtle alignment and deep relaxation occur during a session.  The healthier our physicality is, the healthier our function, emotions, and energetic systems will be.  With a well-balanced and functioning vehicle, the spirit, which is who we really are living within this structure, will be equipped to explore energy and consciousness, learning the lessons in life necessary to grow and gain understanding and wisdom outside of the physical manifestations and feelings that are the experience, not the reality.  This becomes a bit confusing; I will go further into this concept. 


Human movement is an incredible thing when one finds the time to appreciate how much the body conveys when in movement.  Not only does the communication happen within the very subtle structures of the system, it can be expressed outward by way of emotional and energetic projection.  Movement can move the emotions of those who may be witness to that language.  Movement can express emotional power onto others from brutality to beauty.  The interpretation of our own emotional response is where the balance and neutrality can be found in movement patterning.  Once the discovery and interpretation has been interpreted, movement expression of subtle imbalances can unfold by communicating with the emotional body.  What is required in resolving and releasing these ‘stuck’ roadblocks is emotional and intellectual honesty to the deepest and most sacred place within.  To look at these energies is not easy, as there are forces, ill winds that wants to have access to influencing a different narrative than one gained by an informed choice by knowing with confidence that self-empowerment is the advancement worth moving toward.   It all begins within and is expressed without.   


There are other secrets hidden in movement that can pull the lose threads of mind, body, and emotion together giving the experience of an essence, a glimpse of eons of stories of deep emotional traumas, giving understanding of much greater things.  The wise understand how intention and attention is a path toward beauty and excellence.  That houses a knowledge of trust, peace and harmony.  The world starts to look differently.  The deeper the understanding of how movement brings us to this place of opening new worlds, the more connection and understanding is possible to the unifying wholeness.  When subtle blocks in the physical are face to face with the emotion hidden within, and it is looked at, removing that block changes the way the world looks.  The same, yet very different.  A new energy can then emerge. 

I perceive this as an oppressed part of our development for traumas past.  Energetic bodies and emotional bodies are a very powerful command if understood, for good or ill.  This is the foundation of a more powerful and discerning mind for guidance we need along the path.  

More on this concept as the journey continues.

Internal Movement 

Where Structure Matters


SER (Somato-Emotional Release) sessions were very scary for me to move toward.  Something kept me going, and I chose to go into this without any expectations or pre-plans as to what ‘I’ wanted to work on.  I’d just let the body bring it up.  And bring it up it did.  The release of those restrictions changed me in ways that ‘grew’ me up.  I no longer tolerated the dynamics of another person’s manipulative moves.  It was like being able to stand on more solid ground.  The Upledger training of this work is one where movement is encouraged and move, we did back then.  Realizing so many things about how I reacted to create these blocks was somewhat painful emotionally and at the same time very freeing. 

Another step on the growth path of knowledge.  My training was primarily in the multi-hand setting, so movement of a greater degree allowed for more movement than working with single hands, however the results are good if the dialogue is allowed.  Many do not dialogue which is OK however what usually occurs is the base line thought-forms and biases aren’t altered because the questions don’t challenge the chain we have wrapping around and oppressing the understanding.  Sessions like these are designed to squeeze and feel deep emotional episodes that have afflicted our physical, emotional and mental growth, which, in this space and time, is the foundational functional vehicle for out subtle parts to dwell. 

Our subtle parts, the deep knowing, the connection with all, has been fractured both personally and collectively to all of humanity.  SER is about letting go of the energies of the past and be present striving toward excellence and beauty that our talents and gifts are supposed to express and bless for others.  It’s a different possibility for creating a new way of living with ourselves.   Once the releases of the emotional and intellectual grip occur, the body has more space, more capability for deeper understanding and acceptance of knowledge, and for more Light. 

Yes, the subtle movement of the physical communicating with the emotional allows for better structural integrity.  Think about the organs, they filter the emotional pain and often reflect dis-comfort.  So here we are back to the notion that Function Follows Structure.   


Topics will go into greater depth for consideration.
             Material here is considered tools for learning the healing process.                                  
Understanding dis-ease and the healing options and practice. 
Understanding the dark forces that abuse your well-being. 
There's much more to come.



About Cranio Sacral Therapy


CranioSacral Therapy was developed by Dr. John E. Upledger and approaches the body with light touch which can create dramatic improvements to daily life. CST is invaluable to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic systems of the body.  It allows for deep relaxation that allows profound healing to occur. 

hand in water.jpg

About Lymphatic Drainage


The lymphatic system is connecting to the liquid dimension of our bodies.  Through subtle mapping and application fluids are moved draining congestion of organs and lymph nodes that allow the body to nourish itself without an overload of toxins in the system.


About Athena


Athena's life has been very body oriented.  From classical ballet training, ice skating, to mastering movement development, techniques of massage, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and somato emotional work, and healing herself of very serious situations through natural means, her life's journey has been one that has brought her to a place where she understands healing on many levels of the process.  She has discovered the magnificence of the human body and much more. 

Athena's Trust

Click here to read about some of the products that Athena uses and trust.

Check out Athena's free videos is a comprehensive collection of some of Athena published work.  How-to videos on basic, deep tissue massage, Beginner CST and more.  These archives are primarily massage techniques, and are very worth viewing if one is interested in picking up tips on subtle massage techniques. 

Organ Alignment:  Alignment of Viscera for Proper Motility


As the structure comes into its most stable and relaxed state the organs of the body can also find the proper placement.  Just like the flowers above, they need room to blossom without being pushed aside or distorted, so it is with the organs. They have a very intimate relationship with each other, so it is important to think about that in alignment for health.  And think about how every time one moves the body in a side bend, forward or back bend or a twist, the organs need to slide into new positions.  Also bear in mind the organs are also working doing their job of digesting, peristalsis for elimination, filtering, holding waste, pumping blood, taking in oxygen, etc.  Again, it is obvious that function will follow structure. 
Often restriction on organs are due to swelling of the fluid in the body, which is accompanied with inflammation in most cases.  Infection can set in.  It is important to understand the importance of moving fluid and toxins from the body, so detoxification, repair and restoration can begin to occur.


The lymphatic system is, in part, the sewer system that carries out a lot of material that the body doesn’t need.  It flows throughout the body and is a rather complex system.  Lymph is fluid that is in the lymph vessels. There is also interstitial fluid that needs to get into to the lymphatic system. 

It is very important that fluids move.  The lymph system has no pump to move it so when there is misalignment, crimping or squishing of the delicate and small vessels and nodes, the toxins begin to make the system sluggish as there becomes less fluid motion or 'current'.  The more sluggish the fluid becomes the more gelatinous it becomes.  Nodes become sore, often inflamed and swollen.  When that occurs, the internal environment is ripe for bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. to live quite happily and multiply invading invade the area.  If not addressed. inflammation will create more discomfort stealing energy. The immune system will become basically inefficient to take care of foreign bodies. A burden is put on other systems and very likely in time will become a systemic situation, much more challenging to manage and heal.  

Internal Toxic Disturbances - Detoxification is Necessary


Inflammation is an epidemic in the world today.  Inflammation, infection, chemicals that mix with bodies biological chemicals will create a boiling and fuming internally.  This creates heat, deficiencies, gas, infection and even immune disorders.  Normalization to these disturbances takes place.  The signs are ignored, and symptoms are rationalized.  Usually when it gets so uncomfortable, we head for the local legal medical facility to visit with a 'white coat' and are told to purchase toxic medications selling it as a ‘cure’ to this ‘dis-ease’ of the body.  That is what occurs as the function and structure begin to break down.  That is when facing serious imbalances and dis-ease is most likely to occur. 

Toxicity is everywhere.  The body is toxic due to food additives, medications, lotions, cleaning products.  Toxins are in the air and water, there is no escape.  As toxins fill our system, the liver will become overloaded and lose optimal function.  The liver has 500 functions, so overloading that system is not a good idea.  Soon the structure will fail due to pain.  It is important to help these toxins find their way out of the body.  That is another foundational and ongoing discipline for optimal healthy vehicles. 

More about Detoxification:  The necessity to focus on cellular health, the foundation of function.
There are things that our bodies have been exposed to that are of such a nature that many of you will see me as a ‘tin foil hat’ wearer!  Well in my humble opinion, tin foil may have saved many brains from the condition known as ignorance and low information to facts by creating an illusion of emotional and delusional reality. 
Detoxification must go to the cellular level to build the cellular health that is the very foundation of function.  The subtle anatomy is, from my experience of many years dealing with alignment, that misalignment of the subtle structures is the cause for perhaps 85% of structural pain.  Inflammation on top of misalignment will aggravate joints, ligament, tendon and muscular connections.  As we are understanding the misaligned organs with inflammation experience pain and dysfunction.  All that is easy to understand that herbs, bodywork, and basic detox diets will take care of it.  Make no mistake about the importance of what we put into our bodies and also detoxing it to help the organs by moving lymph dumping a lot of toxins, however, what about the nano-particles, the smart dust, the unseen things that are invading our body’s function at a level few realize, and fewer still refuse to learn. 

Introducing some of this material will, for many, create a lot of emotion, triggering, perhaps name calling, however those reactions only show the ignoring process being challenged to learn of real dangers in the construct of this 3D experience.  The assaults against humanity is much greater than we have been indoctrinated to believe.
I will be researching this technology and add information as I sort through it.  I am finding this to be one of the many difficult subjects to get the head around.  I must work through the emotional layer to be able to remain grounded and balanced to accept the reality that is occurring all the while being pulled into various diversions to look away.  I am understanding why divisive and emotional narratives are important.   Knowledge is the way out of the labyrinth.  Knowledge is the knowing, not the believing.


With structure leading the function, it is clear to understand why internal draining of the lymph system is important.  Fluid is around every cell as interstitial fluid.  The lymph system has no pump rather it is a vacuum.  Therefore, when there is congestion in one area there will be congestion throughout the entire system.  It is very important to keep this system manually drained regularly for maintenance.  We do live in a very toxic external environment; therefore, it stands to reason the internal environment is equally as toxic if we aren’t making effort to alter that.  Also realize that internally cell action creates byproducts.  Keeping a clear, well-functioning lymph system is important.  Infection will be found in the lymph system.  Imagine these toxins going around and around the body.  This could be in part why there are systemic conditions that no one can figure out, a label is attached, and 'standard' treatment is usually more toxins sold as cures. 

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